Project Breakdown:
I was tasked by Audible with creating a book cover for a Science Fiction novel involving "a lost colony planet, a perplexing murder, and a dogged homicide cop". With a short turnaround time of approximately 3 days, I utilized a modular workflow, alongside tileable textures to develop an engaging scene.
Software Used:
Blender, Substance Painter, Photoshop

A short visual effects breakdown of an animated version of the scene, built after the book's release for the specific purpose of a Studio Sizzle Reel

I modeled and textured a modular kit, consisting of various pipes and industrial vats to make building the scene both simpler and more customizable. The book's author requested that the scene feel 'sci-fi and industrial, with large silver pipes and round containers'.

A short animation test for the Drone, built in case the Client requested that the scene be animated later on in the project's development.

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