I created a Real-Time 3D Asset for use in Virtual Learning/Education for EMS Professionals using poly-modeling (from scratch) with Blender and (4K) PBR texturing in Substance Painter. I used Photoshop for Illustration, Stencil Creation, and essential Texture Map clean-up.
This project was a challenge of my hard-surface modeling and texturing skills. It was an enjoyable, stimulating experience, and I look forward to developing more-similar assets in the future!
Fun Fact: While I've only modeled this single Cardiac Monitor, I've operated them thousands of times while treating patients in the field of Emergency Medicine.

Full Model --- Vertices: 26,684        Tris: 51,407
Base/Monitor Model --- Vertices: 19,236        Tris: 37,271
Video, Animated/Rendered using Blender's Real-Time Engine (Eevee) at 1.97 Seconds/Frame on an Nvidia RTX 2080 GPU.
UI Animation made using Illustrator & After Effects. Final Composition made using Premiere Pro.
UVs & Texture Maps
Base Color > Metalness > Roughness > Normal > Height > Ambient Occlusion > Curvature
References & Stencils/Icons/Illustrations
Clay Mesh, Wireframes, Texel Density
Inspect the 3D Model's Geometry/Topology & Materials using SketchFab's 3D Viewer, below.

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