Project Breakdown:
This AR & VR-ready Medical Animation demonstrates the process of Endotracheal Intubation as performed during both Emergent & Non-Emergent Medical events as a means to visualize and securely establish a patent Airway for Ventilation.
This animation was developed as a part of a larger Medical Visualization project, where I worked from start-to-finish on AR & VR-ready demonstrations for Online Medical Education purposes. This project involved Hard-Surface 3D Modeling & Keyframed Animation with Blender 2.90, PBR Texturing & High-to-Low Poly Baking with Substance Painter, as well as Mesh & Scene Optimization for testing and use in Unity Game Engine. Above, you can view, in Virtual Reality, an example of the project using SketchFab's WebGL-based 3D Viewer.
Demonstration Animation exported in both Alembic & FBX formats.
Medical Disclaimer (Click & Scroll to Bottom of Page)
Software Used:
Blender, Substance Painter, Photoshop, Unity

GIF Demonstration 1

GIF Demonstration 2

GIF Demonstration 3

1K to 4K Texture Quality

Behind the Scenes & Testing Captures

Raw Scene within Blender 2.90 (Only about 60,000 Triangles and 30,000 Vertices for full scene).

Raw Scene Compatibility Testing within Unity (Real-Time) Game Engine, using FBX Format.

Previewed in AR using SketchFab's Mobile App.

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