Project Breakdown:
I designed this fresh pair of "kicks", based off of a rough memory of a similar pair I used to own. I began the modeling process using simple reference guidelines of a basic shoe design which I found off of the internet. Following the base model's design, I added fine details to improve it's overall structure.
The shoe laces were a challenge, one which could've been handled a number of ways. I chose to use a "Bezier Curve", which I drew, using "Surface Projection" onto the Top View of the shoe in a criss-cross pattern. After which I proceeded to manipulate the curves to fit realistically through and around each hole and section of the model. *phew!*
Once all of the modeling was completed, and I was happy with the details, I then moved onto Texturing. I was able to use both Procedural & Image Textures to achieve just the right look and color. Finally, by using a simple Hair Particle System, I was able to add an extra bit of detail to the Shoelaces.
The total time for this project was twenty hours, spread over three days. I hope you enjoy these final renders, and feel free to Contact Me for Freelance/Contract work!

Software Used:

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