In our advancing society, the use of such technologies as Augmented/Virtual Reality (AR/VR/XR), Medical Animation, Online Learning, and Simulation are becoming the standard for delivering an accessible, interactive, and most-importantly effective educational experience.
Medical Animation & Visualization is a service I offer to Educators, Scientists, Authors, and more in order to achieve the goal of explaining even the most complex of Scientific/Medical topics by way of attractive, interactive, and educational entertainment.
Pricing for Medical Animation & Visualization can range in price per deliverable, depending on such factors as Duration, Image/Video Resolution Quality, Deadlines, Art Direction, Audio, and more.
Deliverables for this service range in Format/Type, from short-form to long-form Explainer Presentations, Videos, Still Imagery, Product Design & Visualization, AR/VR Animation/Modeling, and more.
Below, I've included some examples of my Medical Animation & Visualization work.
Thank you! I look forward to the possibility of working together!
Examples: Medical Animation (3D Animation Showreel)
Examples: Interactive Medical Animation
Examples: Medical Visualization

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