Project Breakdown:
This project is a personal study in Photorealism & Physics-based Animation. by way of simple Image Textures & Rigid Body Dynamics. I took photos of a US Dollar and Quarter, and created a simple Image Map with some slight color correction inside of Adobe Illustrator. By using the same Image as a "non-color" Bump Map, I was able to create significantly more realistic, palpable materials. While I could have used Adobe Photoshop or other texture software to develop a proper Bump Map, I wanted to know if I could create comparable results with a "quick and dirty" technique. Turns out, I could!
The Physics-based Animation for the "quarter drop" (video below) is performed using Rigid Body settings on both the table, and quarter.  Also, see if you notice the subtle "cause and effect" animation which I manually keyframed into the scene.
Software Used:
Blender, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere Pro

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