I've been gradually building my Social Media presence on TikTok (2K+ Followers) by posting interesting discussions and educational content regarding 3D Art/Design.
I decided to turn my latest tutorial into a short Motion Graphics and Real-Time Rendering project by using my own models, as well as some CC0 assets, courtesy of "PolyHaven.com" and "AmbientCG.com".
For this tutorial project, I used Illustrator (Vector Graphic Illustration/Design), After Effects (Motion Graphics, Sound Design, and Compositing), Blender (3D Modeling and Rendering), Substance 3D Painter (Mesh Map Baking and Texturing), Photoshop (Texture Layout Organization), and Premiere Pro (Video Editing, and Final Touches).

Full Video (Voiceover and SFX)

Full Video (only Sound Design/SFX)

This scene was created in Blender (Eevee Real-Time Rendering) and Composited using After Effects to accompany the closing comments of the tutorial video. I used Lightmap Baking to achieve higher visual quality within Blender.

Vector Graphics made using Adobe Illustrator. (Created for use in current and future Motion Graphics Explainer videos)

Software Applications Used:

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