Scientist & Inventor (KD Online)

Final Composition (Video Copyright: Kids Discover Online)

Simple Props modeled for the scene, using Blender and Substance Painter.

The Franklin (Pennsylvania) Stove. This specific-requested design has very little available reference. I used Photoshop to pull and optimize details from the reference image and converted them to Normal Maps, which I used as Textures in Painter.

A brief Environment/VFX Breakdown of the shot. The Flame VFX was pre-simulated and sourced from "ProductionCrate". All compositing was done by me in Post using After Effects.

A brief, animated shot I created for a scene introducing the "Franklin Stove" as invented by Benjamin Franklin. This shot was included in a video titled, "Scientist and Inventor" from the "Kids Discover Online" Educational Web Series.
The final scene was developed and rendered in Real-Time using Unreal Engine 5, using original models, as well as wood logs from the Quixel Megascans Library. Final Compositing with Visual Effects was done using After Effects.