Project Breakdown:
I made this Medical Animation for my business, PulsEducation by creating a Procedurally-generated Material, which allowed me to easily alter the Shape, Color, and Movement of this eye.
This Animation is a part of a larger educational project still in development.

Medical Disclaimer (Click & Scroll to Bottom of Page)
Software Used:
Blender, Adobe Premiere Pro
Pupillary Light Reflex, also known as the Photopupillary Reflex is a normal physical response which occurs as the Pupil (the black center) of the eye filters light entering the area of the Retina (light-sensitive tissue towards the rear of the eye).

When light is shone upon the eye, the reflex will commence, constricting the Pupil in order to reduce the amount of light entering the eye, preventing damage to the Retina.

In lower-light settings, the Pupil will enlarge to allow for more light to enter the Retina, resulting in better sight.

This normal physical response may not occur as described for those who are suffering from a specific form of Stroke, a medical condition, as well as those who are under the influence of drugs, or who have sustained head trauma.

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