Project Breakdown:
This Reel, titled "A Year in 3D" is a combination of some of my best personal and publicly-available professional works since beginning self-teaching and freelancing as a 3D Artist & Generalist in 2020.
Throughout the video, you will find a total of four Logo Animations (view below). Each was designed and animated to introduce and represent a different style/theme of my work.
Included Work:
(Note: Some projects presented in this Reel may not be available or shown in final quality on my Portfolio due to reasons including, but not limited to contractual agreements for final work or in-progress productions)​​​​
Software Used:
Blender (Eevee & Cycles), Substance Painter, Adobe [After Effects, Media Encoder, Premiere Pro, Photoshop], UCSF Chimera
Music & Sound Design:
Third-Party 3D Assets:
"Corvette" 3D Model (by "ALEX .STD")
"Mercedes" 3D Model (by Jean Yan)

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