Project Breakdown:
This project involves a basic 4-Stroke Engine-inspired design which I modeled as a means to develop my skills in Hard-Surface Modeling & Rigging for Mechanical Objects.

I developed a comprehensive system of Drivers, Object & Bone Constraints, and Procedural VFX Materials to achieve a full Animation which is controlled by a single Reference/Driving Object rotating on its Y-Axis. (See below for Viewport Rig Demonstration)
The purpose of this project is not operational accuracy for a 4-Stroke-inspired Engine, but rather a way to teach myself how to rig a full, mechanical system of Objects/Components and even Materials to be controlled by a single Driving Force.
Software Used:
Blender (Cycles & Eevee Rendering Engines), Adobe Photoshop

Combustion occurs following the negative pressure-induced pull of air/fuel from the rest of the engine by way of the Intake Valve openings, ignited by the Spark Plugs. In other words, every other pump of upwards motion for each Piston group creates a burst of heat energy in the form of fire.

Movement of the Pistons is achieved by translating Rotational Motion into Linear Motion as a means to maintain directional consistency as well as the creation of Low, then High Pressure Environments when the Pistons move upward and downward.

The Piston's Rig consists of 3 bones. One which creates Rotational Motion of the base, one which translates that Rotation into Linear Motion by way of Inverse Kinematics, and another which maintains the direction of the Piston's Head.

I added a personalized, artistic touch using a Procedural Fire Burst Material which is controlled using Mapping & Texture Coordinates with Drivers, Empty Objects, and Object Constraints.

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