A 3D Rendered Image from my fourth RTJ4D Entry, representing Run the Jewels' 4th Album
Project Breakdown:
In August 2020, I was a participant in the worldwide 3D Art Competition, called "A Visual Remix Challenge", hosted by both Run the Jewels & SketchFab.
As a participant, I was tasked with "remixing" the Run the Jewels symbolic 3D Logo in my own unique ways.
On this page you'll find Interactive 3D Scenes, Rendered Images, and brief, individual breakdowns of my 4 entries to the contest.
Everything in this project was modeled and textured from scratch by me.
Software Used:
Blender & Adobe Illustrator
Based on: “RTJ Hands by RTJ, licensed under CC Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike.
3D Design: Team Rolfes
Creative Direction: Tim Saccenti + El-P
RTJ4D - Entry #4

I created a Blender & SketchFab Tutorial about how I achieved this Toon Outline/Shaded Look, which you can view here.

The environment layout was planned and executed as a freeze-frame of a world where Run the Jewels' fourth album comes to life.

I used an Illustrated style, paying homage to Run the Jewels' establishment origin as its members were introduced to each other by way of a "Cartoon Network"/"Adult Swim" executive, Jason DeMarco.

Killer Mike (Left) & El-P (Right) = Run the Jewels
Each character is dressed similarly to their live-action counterparts from the popular "Ooh La La" Music Video

A short behind the scenes walk-through of my fourth entry's Models, Scene, and Final Renders.

RTJ4D - Entry #3

This retro-style scene is a combination of some of my favorite things, and acts as a fun and playful take on the old-school, yet fresh, conscious, and relatable form of music that Run the Jewels brings to the genre of Hip-Hop & Rap.

RTJ4D - Entry #2

A representation of the energy in every song from Run the Jewels' Fourth Album.

Run the Jewels represents Raw Power & Clarity by ways of clever Lyricism in Rap.

RTJ4D - Entry #1

Black Lives Matter, and 'steadfast' strength in the face of injustice allows us all to move forward.

Unjust Acts, by means of Corrupted Power.

'Steadfast' Resistance to that which acts to oppress.

RTJ4D - Public Mentions/Publications
News Article from "The Verge", featuring my first Entry, among five others from the contest!

Video Montage representing some Week 2 entries posted by SketchFab.

Two of my entries are included!

Well-received by both fans and members of the RTJ Team on Social Media

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