A brief, animated shot I created for a scene introducing the "Franklin Stove" as invented by Benjamin Franklin. This shot was included in a video titled, "Scientist and Inventor" from the "Kids Discover Online" Educational Web Series. (Full Video on Kids Discover Online: https://online.kidsdiscover.com/unit/ben-franklin/video/scientist-and-inventor#)
The final scene was developed and rendered in Real-Time using Unreal Engine 5, using original models, as well as wood logs from the Quixel Megascans Library. Final Compositing with Visual Effects was done using After Effects.
Final Composition, rendered with UE5.

A brief Environment/VFX Breakdown of the shot. The Flame VFX was pre-simulated and sourced from "ProductionCrate". All compositing was done by me in Post using After Effects.

The Franklin (Pennsylvania) Stove. This specific-requested design has very little available reference. I used Photoshop to pull and optimize details from the reference image and converted them to Normal Maps, which I used as Textures in Painter.

Simple Props modeled for the scene, using Blender and Substance Painter.

Software Applications Used:

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