Full Video Quality: 2K (2560 x 1440)

Project Breakdown:
I decided to develop a Smartphone Commercial for my fake phone, the "i3D Vue". I began by modeling a phone, based off of modern Cellular Product Design features (partial modeling timelapse below).
After which I placed Lighting and began setting up my various scenes. I rendered a series of test movements and shots similar to how commercials currently display their smartphones, all while applying some artistic flair of my own.
After all of my shots were rendered, I composited them in Adobe Premiere Pro, performed Color Correction, and added some stylish typography to highlight certain features of the Product's Design.
* The video playing on the screen of the phone is taken directly from "Gloops" which is an Abstract 3D Animation I created a few months ago. The screen animation, among other features, can be altered to allow for various UI Elements to be displayed.
The base concept of this Study/Project was originally inspired by Derek Elliott's YouTube Tutorial regarding "Product Animation in Blender".
Software Used:
Blender, Adobe Premiere Pro

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