Hi! My name's Lawrence and I'm a self-taught 3D Artist/Generalist and former-career Emergency Medical Services Provider & Educator based in New Jersey, USA.
I'm currently a Full-Time, Studio-based 3D Artist & Animator/Motion Designer for a Design & Production Studio. I've created work for such companies and brands as Audible, TIME Magazine, Apple, and Kids Discover.
Through an active display of consistent learning aptitude and drive, while focusing on the development and refinement of both foundational and experimental skill sets, I'm driven to offer a high-quality level of work which is reflective of my passion for the varied facets of the 3D field.
Contact Me to get in touch.
PC Workstation Specifications:
- Windows 10 64-Bit
- Intel Core i7 9700K 3.60 - 4.50GHz
- Nvidia RTX 2080
- AOC 27" 2K 144Hz Display
- "XP-Pen" 15.6 HD Pro Display Tablet
- FIFINE Condenser Microphone
- HD Web Conferencing Camera
Software Availability & Proficiency:
- Adobe Creative Cloud
- Android Studio
- Blender 2.9x
- Cinema 4D Lite
- Substance 3D Painter
Actively Learning:
- Unreal Engine 4 & 5
- Substance 3D Designer
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