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Based in the United States (EST/EDT)
3D Artist/Multimedia Generalist | INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR
January 2020 - Present (Part-Time; Freelance; Remote)
- I develop various digital production-ready deliverables (Art, Animation, Motion Graphics, Video, etc.) for and in collaboration with individual clients and creative teams.
- I create various free and paid resources for the creative community, including Project Files, Templates, 3D Models, Rigs, Procedural Materials, Concept Breakdowns, and Written/Video Tutorials.
3D Artist, Animator, and Motion Designer | BROBEL DESIGN
May 2021 - March 2023 (Full-Time; Remote) Impacted by Economic Layoff (See Co-Founder's Recommendation)
- I designed static and animated, 2D and 3D assets used in documentary-style, educational content for Kids Discover Online, cover animations for TIME Magazine, article animations for Apple News, book covers for Audible, and more for a variety of clients and project types.
- Working with Subject Matter Experts (SME); Copywriters, Editors, Voice Actors, and Illustrators, I took long-form video content from concept (scripts and storyboards) to completion.
- I updated, optimized, and organized pre-existing 2D and 3D resources, such as CAD models, Photogrammetry/Scan Data, Textures, Illustrations, and    Stock Images/Footage for use in studio projects.
- I produced high quality static and animated content in various art styles for over 50 educational videos presented in the Kids Discover Online video library, primarily within 1-2 week timelines, and all with a high level of client satisfaction.
- I applied skills in Animation/Motion Graphics Design and Non-Linear Video Editing for eLearning and Marketing-based content using software such as After Effects, Blender, and Premiere Pro.
- As a key point of contact for the studio’s 3D-related projects, I improved the team’s overall creative capacity and efficiency by providing individual skills development training and technical support for our collaborative efforts with stakeholders.
Founder, Educator, and Creative | PULSEDUCATION LLC
June 2017 - April 2021 (Part-Time; Self-Employed)
- I provided on-demand, American Heart Association-accredited courseware instruction, facilitation, and simulation.
- I provided tutoring and mentorships for both aspiring and current Healthcare professionals.
- I managed all marketing and creative endeavors such as the creation of digital education/eLearning resources.
- I was an AHA Licensed Instructor and AHA Professional Member.
August 2013 - August 2019 (Full-Time)
- I provided Basic Life Support, Critical Care, and Pediatric Intensive Care Management at the NJ Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Scope of Practice Level for Emergent/Non-Emergent Patient Care.
- I was a Clinical Leadership Board member, developing growth solutions for RWJBarnabas Mobile Health Services.
- I taught, participated in, and facilitated simulation modules for medical education courseware.
February 2015 - July 2019 (Part-Time)
- I provided Basic Life Support at the NJ EMT Scope of Practice level for Emergent/Non-Emergent Patient Care for the Municipality of Monroe Township, NJ.
- I specialized in both Geriatric Emergency Medical Services and International Trauma Life Support.
October 2014 - 2017 (Part-Time)
- I provided Basic Life Support at the NJ EMT Scope of Practice level for Emergent/Non-Emergent Patient Care for Rutgers University and its surrounding regions.
- I was active Medical & EMS-Instructional Staff for the University Community and its affiliates.
3D Skill Sets | 3D Modeling (Sculpting/Hard-Surface/Subdivision); Retopology; High-Poly to Low-Poly Workflows; UV Mapping; PBR Texturing; Technical Art; Procedural Art; Character/Object Rigging; Animation; Lighting; Lightmaps; Baking; Rendering (Real-Time/Path-Traced); Physics Simulation; Visual Effects/VFX; Compositing; Look Development; Unreal Engine (Blueprints/Materials/Shaders); Asset/Shader Optimization; Augmented Reality; Product & Biomedical Visualization; SketchFab
Multimedia Skill Sets | Python (Basic); Photo/Image Retouching; Graphic Design; Illustration; Vector Graphics; Motion Design; Digital Design; Video Editing; Color Correction; Sound Design; Post-Production; Typography
General Skill Sets | Project Management (Agile/Waterfall); Multitasking; Time Management; Technical Troubleshooting; Problem-solving; Training; Communication; Quality Assurance; Social Media; eLearning
3D Software | Blender (Primary - Advanced Proficiency); Maya (Secondary - Beginner Proficiency); Marmoset Toolbag; Substance 3D Painter; Substance 3D Designer; SparkAR; SpeedTree; Unreal Engine; Character Creator 4; ZBrush (Non-Character Sculpting)
3D Rendering Engines | Arnold; Cycles; Eevee; Iray; Marmoset Toolbag; Unreal Engine 4 & 5 (with Lumen)
Adobe Creative Cloud | Acrobat; After Effects (Plugins: Bodymovin, Duik Angela/Bassel; Joysticks n’ Sliders); Express; Illustrator; Media Encoder; Photoshop; Premiere
OS/Workspaces (Suites) | Windows; Mac; Canva; Figma; Google Workspace; Microsoft Office; Notion; Slack
Foundations of Project Management | Google Project Management Certificate Course (February 2023)
Unreal Engine 5 Masterclass | Unreal Sensei (January 2023 - April 2023)
Updated on 07/02/2024
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