I created these stylized materials for use in my future stylized environment art projects. This presentation features the materials shown in both Unreal Engine 5 (using Lumen) and Blender (using Eevee for Turntable Shots). I was going for a simple, painterly look.

All textures were developed procedurally in Substance 3D Designer, and the maps presented are in 2K (2048 x 2048) resolution, with packed ORD maps for Texture Sample reduction/optimization.

Example implementation of these custom materials in Unreal Engine 5. All materials in this example scene (including Stylized Grass, Trees, and Volumetric Clouds) were developed by me using Substance 3D Designer and Unreal Engine 5's Blueprint Editor.

Captured in Unreal Engine 5 (using Lumen)

Software Applications Used:

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