A collection of the animated works I created for a video titled, "Mars" from the "Kids Discover Online" Educational Video Library. 
(Full Video on Kids Discover Online: https://online.kidsdiscover.com/unit/plants/video/mars)

2D & 3D Animation breaking down the basic areas and functions of the Mars Curiosity Rover.

Animated and displayed in conjunction with the video's Script/Voiceover.

Demonstration/Overview of the advanced, custom Robotic Vehicle Rig I developed using NASA's "Mars Curiosity Rover" model from their 3D library for educational video purposes.

The rig contains a variety of Custom Shape Controllers, Drivers, and Constraints. Also included in this rig are "Action Constraints", which are essentially baked-in, keyframed animation "Actions" used to translate complex rig movements into simple-to-use Switches/Sliders.

I also put together a simple Python script to better manage the Bone Layers/Grouping system in Blender (Timestamp 00:40 - 00:51).

Scouting Camera Follow (On/Off)

Suspension (Floor Adaptation)

Suspension (Floor Adaptation)

Landing Mechanism (Action Constraint)

Examination Arm (Action Constraint)

Scouting Arm (Action Constraint)

Compilation of 3D Animations for the introduction of the "Mars" video.

Animated and displayed in conjunction with the video's Script/Voiceover.

Stylized 3D Animation of the shuttle entry into the Martian atmosphere.

3D Model of the Curiosity Rover's Aeroshell Vehicle used in the introduction animations of this video. I modeled this asset in Blender and textured it in Substance 3D Painter.

Software Applications Used:

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