A collection of the animated works I created for a video titled, "Move It!" from the "Kids Discover Online" Educational Web Series. (Full Video on Kids Discover Online: https://online.kidsdiscover.com/unit/force-and-motion/video/move-it)​​​​​​​
Script/Voiceover Prompt: The Aerodynamics of a Bicycle Helmet. This Bicycle Helmet 3D Model was created by me using Blender.
Script/Voiceover Prompt: The Tensile Force of a rope being pulled from each end. This Sea Bollard 3D Model was created by me using Blender and Substance 3D Painter.
Script/Voiceover Prompt: The effects of Earth's Gravity on the Moon during Orbit.
Script/Voiceover Prompt: The Buoyancy of a beach ball in a body of water.

Script/Voiceover Prompt: The forces affecting a dart as it's thrown through the air. This Throwing Dart 3D Model was created by me using Blender.

Closing scene including Kids Discover Online's original 3D Avatar (Modeled and Rigged by me using Blender)

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