An animated scene I created for a video titled, "What is a Rain Forest" from the "Kids Discover Online" Educational Web Series. (Full Video on Kids Discover Online:
All of the work seen here except for the animated Toucan (see breakdown) was concepted and developed by me within a 4 day production period.
Final Composition (Video Copyright: Kids Discover Online)​​​​​​​

Color Grade in After Effects (Image Copyright: Kids Discover Online)

Mist [Render] Pass used in post for added scene depth and general atmosphere.

Assets were modeled in Blender and textured with Substance Painter (Optimized for Eevee). The bare tree (Left) is a retopologized, UVed, and textured Photoscan. The rock group (Center) is a slightly re-modeled, UVed, and textured pack. (Vertices: 118,531)

Simple, adjustable Object Modifier-based Animations for the Foliage.​​​​​​​
Simple, adjustable Object Modifier-based Animations for the Trees.

I created an Asset Pack using Blender 3.0's new "Asset Browser" to organize all the semi-modular props I made and used it to build the final environment. Materials all have 1K-4K quality variants. Procedural Anims/Mods come with each Asset. No LoD's.

A simple, procedural Waterfall Shader. The Mesh (as seen in video) was duplicated and adjusted. I kept it simple, as it was going to be viewed from a distance in the final scene.

The Model for a mascot-like character I concepted and created for use in the "Kids Discover Online" Web Videos. Nicknamed, "Kid Discover/KD", this model has been used in most KD Online videos. The Rigging was done using Mixamo's Auto-Rig addon in Blender.

This fantastic, Real-Time ready Toucan (with animation included) was purchased from SketchFab as an additional character element for the final scene. Model/Individual Asset Copyright: "Jose Diaz" at

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