A collection of the animated works I created for a video titled, "The Heart's Purpose and Function" from the "Kids Discover Online" Educational Video Library. (Full Video on Kids Discover Online: https://online.kidsdiscover.com/unit/heart/video/the-hearts-purpose-and-function)

2D & 3D Animation of the anatomical regions and functions of the Human Heart during a pumping cycle.

Animated and displayed in conjunction with the video's Script/Voiceover.

This 3D Heart model was provided to me by Creative Direction for optimization and animation. The model contained basic Shape Keys (Blend Shapes/Morph Targets) which I later modified for animation accuracy.

I achieved accurate Blood Flow visualization by leveraging Render Passes within Blender's compositor. The arrows represented in this 3D Viewport demonstration represent the flow of blood through the heart's pumping cycle. Each arrow was later cleaned up and composited in After Effects.

I exaggerated the flow of blood pumping through the heart using a combination of Splines, Nulls, and Blender's Warp Modifier.

This GIF display's the movement of Null (Empty) Objects along a Spline (Curve Path).

This GIF display's the Strength/Influence Factor of the Warp Modifier on the Heart mesh.

3D Animation of the flow of blood through a vascular system.

Animated and displayed in conjunction with the video's Script/Voiceover.

I created simple, procedural materials in Blender to represent different vasular layers (optimized for real-time rendering).

(Blood Vessel Layers were not discussed/labeled in the Script/Voiceover for this video)

Software Applications Used:

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