This is a procedural, tiling, outdoor ground tileĀ material that I created using Substance 3D Designer.

All shots were rendered using Blender's real-time rendering engine, "Eevee" with baked lighting. The character models andĀ  motion captured animations were sourced from Mixamo. I cleaned and edited both the characters and mocap animations in Blender as a means to produce the most realistic movement and visual quality I could with the models and free resources available.

(All additional props used were either created by me or sourced with CC0 Licenses): The skateboard prop was sourced from "The Base Mesh" and textured by me in Substance Painter. The wheelchair was sourced from "Poly Haven" and modified to include foot rests. The wheelchair was also rigged and animated with only Camera View in mind.

Tiled View

Height Map Mesh Displacement using the Displace Modifier in Eevee.

"Drain" and "No Drain" (Tiled with separate geometric Planes)

"Water with Drain" and "Water with No Drain" (Tiled with separate geometric Planes)

Progression Breakdown of the drain's base Height Map.

Rain Effect Breakdown

Substance 3D Designer Graph

Substance 3D Designer Viewport

Software Applications Used:

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