I saw some reference I just couldn't resist using it as inspiration for my first [practical and non-experimental, portfolio-ready] Procedural PBR Material from reference. I spent extra time on developing a method of presentation that I feel best shows this (and possibly future) materials off. With these presentaiton methods, I aim to emphasize that while a relatively basic material, with few parameter-based variations, it works well in a number of lighting and even weather conditions. I'm using the series of videos I created to tell a simple story about a single location, throughout the course of a Summer day. All while focusing on the material in a practical, real-time setting.

All shots were rendered using Blender's real-time rendering engine, "Eevee." The character models and base, motion captured animations were sourced from Mixamo. I performed clean-up for the mocap in Blender as a means to produce the most realistic movement and visual quality I could with the models and free resources available.

(All additional props used were either created by me or sourced with CC0 Licenses): The skateboard prop was sourced from "The Base Mesh" and textured by me in Substance Painter. The wheelchair was sourced from "Poly Haven" and modified to include foot rests. The wheelchair was also rigged and animated with only Camera View in mind. Thankfully, after a few days of setup and organization, I now have a library of flexible assets for use in future material presentations.

Overall, I'm greatly enjoying my time exploring Material Art with Substance 3D Designer, and I hope you like my latest work and third [official] entry into the category.

Substance 3D Designer Graph

Tiled View

Height Map Mesh Displacement using the Displace Modifier in Eevee.

"Drain" and "No Drain" (Tiled with separate geometric Planes)

"Water with Drain" and "Water with No Drain" (Tiled with separate geometric Planes)

Substance 3D Designer Viewport

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