Inspect the 3D Model's Geometry/Topology & Materials using SketchFab's 3D Viewer, below.
An Upright Piano Set with two, 1K-4K Texture variations ("old" & "clean"), as well as two Level of Detail Mesh variations (See Display Images/Wireframes below).
Ideal for use in Architectural Visualization and general Environment Art.
You'll get a Blender (2.90) File with all Materials applied, a Textures folder containing all baked Image Textures, as well as ".fbx" and ".obj" 3D Files, exported using default Blender settings.
If using this asset in "Unreal Engine", please remember to check the "Flip Green" option in the Material/Texture Settings for the Normal Map, as Blender (where rendered) uses a different native format, compatible with "OpenGL", not "DirectX".
Modeled in Blender, Textured with Substance Painter
Base Detail & Clay Mesh
Piano UV & Texture Maps
Bench UV & Texture Maps
Levels of Detail

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