The primary purpose of this project was to create a hyper-realistic, digital replica of Realistic's "SCT-23 Cassette Tape Deck" to accompany my previous prop (TDK's "D-C90 Cassette Tape"). I utilized a Subdivision, High-to-Low-Poly workflow, with UDIM's for UV Mapping.
Vertices: 40, 303 - Triangles: 75,153
Scroll to see all UV Maps, Texture Maps, Wireframes, and close-ups.

Basic animation test sequence using the rig I made for this model.

Quick rig test for audio syncing.

I simply separated the audio into L & R Channels, and exported that into individual audio files. Then I selected "Bake Sound to F-Curves" with a Key on both "waveform" Controller Bones in the rig.

I wanted to focus on realism with high-fidelity texturing for this project, so I went with two UDIM Texture Sets. (Renders done with full-quality textures at 12k x 4k resolution for both UDIM Texture Sets)

All decals were created using Adobe Illustrator, and were applied using Stencils in Substance 3D Painter.

Various references were used to achieve optimal accuracy for this digital replica.

Portions of the interior required sourcing other, similar cassette decks as the only references available for interior portions of this specific model were blurry at best.

Software Applications Used:

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